The 21 Most Incredible Running Man Challenge Videos The Internet Has To Offer

The internet is a wonderful tool. It’s a place where anyone, at any time, can become a celebrity. (99% of the time, it was by accident too)

Social media has changed how we live and interact with others. There are so many people addicted to social media that psychologists have given it an official title, social network addiction, and it is a subset of an even bigger psychology issue known simply as IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder)

But on the other end of the spectrum is people who love watching all of this stuff which has turned artists like PSY into a superstar. Remember when Gangnam Style exploded back in 2012? It was amazing and has since become the most watched video in internet history gaining over 2.5 billion views on YouTube. It turned PSY into a musician that has sold out arenas all over the globe and continues to make money with his music.

The following year, things changed and people got into the mix with the Harlem Shake phenomena. A YouTube user by the name of Filthy Frank uploaded the first video of what became the biggest thing in 2013. It was just a thing he and a few buddies were doing to waste time and have a few laughs. It lead to an entirely new musical culture where a song would build up to an apex before the beat would drop out and everyone listening goes nuts. That came from the Harlem Shake.

It seems like almost every year, something else comes out that turns the internet upside down with imitators and parodies alike. Last year was the dab and the nae nae and a few years before that was walking like Bernie.

Over the past two months, another internet phenomena has exploded onto the scene and it is known as the Running Man Challenge. (#RunningManChallenge)

The way this one works is you have to post a video on Vine or Instagram dancing to the Ghost Town DJ’s hit song from 1996, “My Boo” and you must dance in a way that, well, how about we just show you the best ones out there.

Let’s give credit to the original kids that came up with the idea followed by the Maryland basketball players, Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley, that helped turn it into a sensation.

The OG, Kevin Soze, of the Viral Dance Sensation (11.oo7)

The dance took off when Jared Nickens posted this video from his instagram (jnickens_)

Here are the rest of the best!!!

21. Dee Gordon has too much free time now

20. Check out the chick with the glasses killing it!

19. Rhythm? Nope. Just chicks in bikinis doing the Running Man Challenge

18. UNC missing dunks, not dance crazes tho!

17. The Penthouse club workers making it sexy

16. The Spartans got into the action late but raised the bar

15. He got on the tram, Ha!

14. King Bach took it to another level

13. The Wisconsin Badgers basketball team winning at life

12. West Virginia soccer team making things awkward, yet hilarious

11. Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan did it too

10. Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert killed it too!

9. And then came Justise Winslow and his beautiful woman…

8. University of Michigan football players have too much free time

7. If you haven’t found this funny yet, YouTube user Guava Juice should get the job done

6. That last guy at the end of the hallway…lol

5. Police in New Zealand? Is that a thing? It must be because they have one of the best ones

4. He did it during a live game, ruthless!

3. That’s a lot of National Titles, ladies

2. When the President of Xavier University gets involved, game, set, match!

1. Unless it’s the U.S. Army doing it