‘Running Of The Balls’ Looks Just As Dangerous As Bulls — Just Not As Bloody

Running of the balls


Old hotness — running from bulls. New hotness — running from balls. Really old hotness — using “hotness” to start an article.

Running from bulls is dangerous as hell, but people love to run away from large objects on crowded streets, so many towns have adopted variations on the famous run by substituting the bulls for less harmful stalkers like roller derby girls and giant polystyrene balls.

Mataelpino, a small town of 1,700 outside Madrid, became the first place in Spain to hold a “running of the balls” rather than a “running of the bulls.” It’s a not-so-obvious solution to the increasingly controversial practice of bull running. The new version, which sees residents fleeing from 275-pound polystyrene balls, was even given a new portmanteau name: boloencierro. The new word combines the Spanish words for bowling ball and running of the bulls.

I feel like girls would be better at this than guys since they spend a majority of their life running away from giants balls to the chin.

H/T i09