Today in Horrible Olympic News: Russia Is Poisoning All the Stray Dogs in Sochi

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Well, it ain't getting better. First there were allegations of massive corruption. Then, the news a suicide bomber is on the loose. Next was photos (like the above one) of the city looking like shit. And now, this, from ABC News:

The city of Sochi has quietly hired a private company to kill as many of its stray dogs as possible ahead of the upcoming Winter Olympics, ABC News has learned. The city’s move came after it publicly backed off plans to do so last year amid outrage from animal rights groups.

The justification for it is amazing. 

“Imagine, if during an Olympic games, a ski jumper landed at 130 kilometres an hour [over 80 mph] and a dog runs into him when he lands. It would be deadly for both a jumper and for the stray dog,” [the owner of the company] said.

I would pay money to see that! Also, don't they have like fences around these events? To keep people out. Wouldn't those work on dogs? Maybe, because the owner, Alexei Sorokin, also had this to say. 

“Let’s call things by their real name. These dogs are biological trash,” he said.

Tell us how you really feel.

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