Russian Jets Ran A Simulated Attack On A U.S. Navy Ship And The Video Is Enough To Make You Want To Level Moscow

You ready to go to WAR, Bros?

You wanna invade Moscow? Lay siege to Volgograd? Carpet bomb St. Petersburg?

Russia sure seems to want to. Check out this shit they pulled on the U.S.S Donald Cook.

That was one of 24 (TWENTY FOUR) flybys by Russian SU-24 jets in the past week on the ship, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer currently operating in the Baltic Sea.

Look at these other buzzes.

The captain of the Cook called the moves “unprofessional and unsafe.”

Harsher words came from a Defense Department official.

On Tuesday, a Russian KA-27 “Helix” helicopter circled the destroyer seven times taking photos of the ship, the officials said.

After several minutes, a pair of SU-24’s began the first of eleven passes over the ship that the Defense official characterized as “much more aggressive.”

“These were very low simulated attack profiles, came within 30 feet of the ship, under 100 feet in altitude,” said the official, noting that “the reports were that it was creating wake in the water it was so close.”

The fuck, Russia? You trying to go? You think this blogger won’t drop his sweet, cush blogging gig the second you shoot a single missile? You got another coming. I’ll get my ass to Moscow on my own and spray bullets and jizz all over the damn Kremlin.

Eat my dick, VLAD.

Because this is just the latest in a long line of bullshit. See also:

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