Ryan Gosling Assists In Marriage Proposal At SXSW—Continues To Be America’s #1 Soaker Of Panties

Ryan Gosling is the most beloved man in America right now. That might sound outrageous, but when you break it down 100% of women love Ryan Gosling and that’s half the population, and there’s at least some subsection of men that love him (I don’t know who they are), and I’m confident that those numbers put him atop the pedestal of the most beloved man in America. Back to ladies loving him though: he literally cannot walk down the street without drenching every set of panties within a city block. Call it a gift, call it a curse, but Ryan Gosling is drenching panties all across the world.

In his latest heroic act he teed up a microphone in the middle of a marriage proposal at SXSW. Now these ladies can go throughout life saying ‘remember that time we got engaged and Ryan Gosling hooked us up with his microphone?’ This wasn’t scripted. This was just Ryan Gosling doing with what Ryan Gosling does.

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