Ryanair Responds Perfectly After Employees Create Snow Dick At Tarmac

Being the person that loads luggage onto airplanes must be the shittiest job on the planet. First you’re heaving heavy luggage onto a plane. Then you’re working outside in the elements no matter if it’s freezing rain and snow or blistering heat. If that wasn’t bad enough, you have to see the smiling faces of all the lucky people traveling somewhere super cool or going on a restful vacation. Meanwhile you’re stuck there breathing in toxic exhaust and slowly going deaf from the booming plane engines as a continuous avalanche of hefty, over-packed suitcases is burying you.

So I was surprised (But not really) to see that people were upset over one airport worker that was attempting to have a little fun at his torturous job.

The crew of Irish airline carrier Ryanair drew a giant snow penis on the ground next to a plane at the tarmac at Dublin Airport.

A spokesman for Ryanair responded to the “controversy” by saying, “While our ground crew excel at industry leading 25 minute turnarounds, art isn’t their forte, as they’ve clearly forgotten to draw wings on their snow airplane.”

Absolutely perfect response. Of course Ryanair does not endorse drawing comical cocks at the airport, but they know that it didn’t hurt anyone and it was just some dopey worker who probably is already fired. Bravo to Ryanair for not fake apologizing.