The Amount Of Money That Interns Make At Companies Like Snapchat, Twitter And Pinterest Is Insane

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That’s it. I am quitting my job and going to become an intern. Like forever. I’m just going to intern at one tech company after another until I run out of places to intern.

Because apparently you can make mad stacks of cash just interning at companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Slack and the like.

At least according to Rodney Folz, a student at UC Berkeley, who recently shared this list he compiled of tech company internship salaries…

That’s right. According to his survey, you can rake in $120K a year to intern at SnapChat and $108K a year to intern at Pinterest!

Hell, even companies that have been around the block a few times like Facebook, Apple and Google will net you $80K or more a year just to intern there.

Business Insider does point out that there could be flaws in these numbers because they are based on a survey, but still…

Of course, given that Folz collected this data by survey, there’s a chance that some of the entries were erroneously entered. He tweeted that he will release the raw data from his survey after it’s been properly anonymized.

But the general size of the offers match up with what has previously been published about internship compensation in the tech industry.

In 2014, for example, teenage venture capitalist Tiffany Zhong tweeted out this list of internship offers:

Now do you see why I am just going be an intern for the rest of my life?

See you in the company cafeteria, suckers!

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