San Diego Rapper Is Harassed By Bully Resulting In Instant KO

Is this one of the quickest KO’s of all time or a staged publicity stunt to boost the career of some unknown rapper? I’ll admit that I’m kind of cynical after discovering that the video of the McClaren getting smashed up was faked. Apparently the rapper at the center of this video is Rob $tone, from San Diego. I’ll admit that I had never heard of this rapper until seeing this video, and here’s the single that they played as soon as the head bully got knocked out.

My personal feeling is that either this video features a bully on par with Shooter McGavin, or it’s been staged to sell a decent rap single from some musician that we’ll never hear from again. Either way, this music video is more entertaining than most of the of the forgettable music videos OKGO have put out since Here It Goes Again.