Remember The Skateboarder Who Smashed The Windshield Of A $250,000 McClaren And Ran Away? Here’s A New Angle

Earlier this week I blogged about a video showing a $250,000 McClaren getting its windshield smashed by a skateboarder who then ran away as fast as he could only to be chased by a superhuman who appeared to be a track star. My take on that video was that the skateboard was a cowardly P.O.S. for smashing the windshield and running away, but many butthurt commenters didn’t like my stance and claimed that the ‘rich douchebag’ in the supercar was at fault for blowing through a stop sign.

Here’s the YouTube version:

You can see those comments here, in fact, you might’ve even been one of those butthurt commenters if you clicked this article and you’re still all charged up. Well, a different angle has surfaced of the incident and in the video above we can see the full altercation unfold.

The description of the YouTube video’s calling out the driver as a ‘rich asshole’ but all I see is a cowardly skateboarder not looking in front of him. The car was PAST the stop sign, and the skater was riding DIRECTLY into the car, not in traffic like he should be. The skateboarder’s 100% at fault here and I hope that cowardly pissant gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for smashing that McClaren’s windshield.

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