WAR ON CHRISTMAS — People In NYC Are Already Being Hipster Buzzkills About SantaCon

Bros, just a little reminder that SantaCon is on December 12th, 2015. That’s the day drunken revelry in Santa suits overtakes downtown Manhattan (and many other cities) for a good cause. Expect stern warnings like this from the organizers soon! And I wonder if hipster NYC media bros will tweet things like this upon their threat of SantaCon invading their beloved BRO-Klyn? SO MANY LINGERING QUESTIONS!


ISIS jokes! So funny this year in America’s most populated city.

But the grinches of the world are already ticked! Probably has to do with Santas getting HJs from women who aren’t Mrs. Claus by the ATM machines in Duane Reade. Or getting in fights (see above).

Like these people in Tompkins Square Bagels, my local bagel joint. Here’s the sign I spotted over the weekend warning SantaCon participants to STAY AWAY from their delicious french toast bagels while drunk/hungover.

Good thing Black Seed Bagels opened right down the block. And they don’t have an anti-SantaCon sign to deter your business, Bros. I highly recommend the #2 — House Beet Lox, Horseradish Cream Cheese, Radish, & Herb. Amazing hangover cure. And they’ll *probably* serve you if you’re in a Santa suit.

The annual War on Christmas has begun in New York City. What a shame, Bros.

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