How to Say ‘What’s Up?’ to Your Bro: A Video Guide

Any Bro worth his grain of Natty knows that simply saying “What’s up?” when you run into your fellow Bro is amateur status. This guy has put together an incredible guide to upping your alpha-to-alpha greeting game. Allow him to explain it in his own words:

Any male knows that shit-talking is an essential part of the male-greeting experience.You can’t just say “What’s up?” to your bro. You’ll look like a colossal tool…

Thus, I present unto you all:

A humble compilation of ball-busting bro-labels and salutations. Struggling with giving your bro a hard time? No good at quipping? Don’t know how to say “What’s Up” to your main homie? Look no further, bro!

What up, #ScrotyMcJiggler?

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