School Bully Gets Obliterated By Instant Karma And A Devastating Dropkick

Watch what happens when a bully is walloping a smaller school boy, but thankfully instant karma intervenes to smash the thug.

The action starts with the much larger and much more aggressive bully claiming that the smaller kid is talking shit, but the schoolboy says that he has not done any shit talking whatsoever (Which can be seen here). That answer does not appease the bully who immediately attacks the smaller kid. The bully gets several punches in before tossing the smaller kid to the frozen ground. The bully punches the helpless kid many more times before he picks him up and then repeatedly throws him to the ground forcefully. He lands one brutal right hook that you can hear the impact hitting the kid’s face. That’s when instant karma strikes and strikes with vengeance.

Out of nowhere another kid literally jumps into the fracas with a flying dropkick that lands perfectly on the bully’s back and smashes his face into the ground. This finally ends the fight where the powerless smaller kid was really getting pummeled and could have been seriously hurt.

Instant karma for the win!


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