Teacher Placed On Leave For This Gang-Related Math Quiz Involving Questions About Shootings And Coke

Middle School Class


Every teacher tries to keep a class full of kids interested. The only way to keep kids interested, especially in math, is to work in topics that will get their attention. A middle school teacher in Alabama figured “what’s more interesting to a young kid than hookers and blow?”

A Mobile, Ala., math teacher was put on administrative leave after she handed out a racially charged math test to her 8th grade students that made gang references like drive-by shootings, prostitution and drugs.

Parents at the Burns Middle School were outraged to find their kids had been given the 10-question quiz asking them to come up with a “gang/crew name” and answer questions about “turning tricks,” stolen BMW’s, AK-47’s and knocking up women.

I’d certainly be interested and I hate math. A copy of the quiz was posted online and it might be just a little bit over the top.

Gang Quiz


“I’m shocked. I don’t think it’s appropriate at all,” Peyton Lee, the mother of one of the 8th graders, told local affiliate Fox10 after being shown the offensive test for the first time.

I’m shocked too. How the hell could Desmond only get $200 for a stolen BMW? Is he a moron?

[via NY Daily News]

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