Science Says Drinking Beer Is Good For Your Health, But There’s One Catch


People will condemn you for drinking a well-deserved beer or nineteen after work. They will lecture you like, “Don’t drink all that beer, you’ll get a beer belly.” Or they’ll be all fucking preachy and say shit like, “The last time you drank that many beers you went streaking through a preschool playground while screaming, ‘Santa Claus is dead!'” The next time one of these wet blankets tries to piss on your bonfire tell them that you’re not drinking the beer for your pleasure, you’re drinking beer for your health.

The fine, fine folks at the American Society of Human Genetics did a recent study titled “Smoking and Heavy Alcohol Use Are Associated with Epigenetic Signs of Aging.” Researchers from the University of Iowa examined some old records and used DNA to determine a person’s biological age instead of their chronological age. A funny thing happened when they did this little experiment; individuals who drank one or two beers a day aged less than those who drank heavily and those poor saps who didn’t drink at all.

This is science people, and I’m not about to challenge it.

Well, I’ve found my “two” beers that I can drink daily.