Science Thinks It Has the Cure For Cheating on Your Girl, and It’s Not Castration or Blindness

According to the Daily Mail

A study by professors in Japan has discovered a drug that can stop a man from being seduced and led astray by attractive women.

Professors from the Waseda and Kyushu Universities wanted to test the mind-altering affects of taking the antibiotic, minocycline.

They simulated honey traps, using eight photos of attractive women, and got 98 male participants to rate how trustworthy they thought the women would be.

The results show that trusting behaviour in male participants significantly increased in relation to the perceived attractiveness of the female.

Yet, attractiveness did not impact trusting behaviour when the men in the study were given minocycline.

There you have it: a drug that would make men not want to cheat on their wife by somehow making our brains not find other women attractive. A stupefying claim, sure, but can someone please explain to me how, if successful, this doesn't end in depression and suicide?

[Cheating image via ShutterStock]