Science Says This Is The Ugliest Color In The World, Which Makes Sense Since It’s The Only Color Your Mom Wears



In the event that you were ever curious as to what the world’s ugliest color is, science has finally come forward with an answer. Not a cure to cancer, a vaccine for the flu or an explanation as to where the money in my bank account keeps disappearing to at the end of the month and why all these fucking amazon packages keep arriving on my doorstep (I don’t need half of this shit…but I can’t stop/won’t stop ordering it either) – just what color is the most yucky. What useful information we’ve been blessed with!

A team of experts spent three months trying to determine the world’s ugliest colour.
And, after detailed research into which colours generated the most negative reactions among the general public, the dubious honour goes to Pantone 448C, also known as opaque couché – a sludgy brown colour that was alternately described by respondents as ‘tar’, ‘dirty’ and even ‘death’.(via)

Yep – Pantone 448C.

Not that anyone even knows what that looks like, meaning that struttin’ up to a chick at a house party and saying “My oh my, your hair is quite the lovely shade of Pantone 448C” is the same as speaking Nigerian and then sticking your head in a bucket: no one knows what you said, but you look like a fucking weirdo.

For the record, this is what it looks like:

Gross yes, but could be worse. It could give me a corneal STD or burn my house down, but just as it is right now I’m not that scared.

[H/T Metro]