WHAAT!?!? Scientists Discover Never-Before-Seen Elusive Galaxy Orbiting Milky Way That Appeared Out Of Nowhere

by 3 years ago

Well fuck me silly. We just discovered a brand spanking new galaxy right next to our own inhabitance. Researchers found a gigantic surprise when they discovered a gigantic galaxy orbiting our own. The crazy part is that no one had ever noticed this humongous galaxy before, and it had seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

The newly discovered galaxy is called “Crater 2,” and is our brand new neighbor. We’d love to blame our inability to see this galaxy based on its size, but Crater 2 is the fourth largest galaxy orbiting our the Milky Way. In fact, stars within Crater 2 are visible from Earth, but it is a pretty dark galaxy.

Researchers at Cambridge’s Institute of Astronomy discovered the dwarf galaxy in January when they used a computer algorithm to find our neighbor. Data suggests that Crater 2 is approximately the same age as our universe.

“We have found many similar objects in the last 10 years, but never such a large beast,” Dr. Vasily Belokurov said, “It is orders of magnitude less luminous compared to most objects of similar size. It is extremely diffuse. We believe it was born that fluffy. But why, we do not yet know.”

“It is always fun to discover a nearby neighbor about which we didn’t know before, and the dwarf galaxy Crater 2 falls into that category,” said Belokurov. “It seems to be aligned with a handful of other astronomically nearby objects, which may be teaching us how our group of galaxies formed.”

This is not an abstract find because dwarf galaxies are the most numerous type of galaxy in the universe.

“While we cannot say for sure this particular dwarf is the oldest in the universe, dwarf galaxies in general are,” Belokurov said.

I so need acid right now to comprehend all this.


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