Scottish Bro Gets Deported From Central Asian Nation After Comparing Its National Delicacy To Horse Penis



A Scottish Bro is learning the hard way that freedoms afforded to people in most Western nations don’t necessarily exist in former Communist bloc countries.

Which, surprise.

Michael McFeat, a 31-year-old Scottish dude who worked at a mine in Kyrgyzstan, is getting kicked out of the central Asian country after comparing its national delicacy to a horse penis.

A Scottish mine worker who compared Kyrgyzstan’s national dish to a horse’s genitalia on Facebook is to be deported from the country.

Michael McFeat, from Abernethy, was said to have been held after posting a picture of Kyrgyz co-workers queuing for a “chuchuk” horsemeat sausage.

In his Facebook post on 31 December, Mr McFeat posted a picture of colleagues at the Kumtor gold mine enjoying what he described as a “fantastic Hogmanay (New Year’s) feast”.

The post added: “The Kyrgyz people queuing out of the door for there special delicacy the horses penis!!!”

Don’t mess with the national delicacy, Bro. His comment generated a lot of anger from citizens.

Radio Azattik said that Mr McFeat’s post had “caused a lot of discontent and resentment on the part of local staff”, who demanded respect for the traditions of the people of Kyrgyzstan, as well as an apology from the mine’s management company.

McFeat deleted the post and apologized. Kyrgyz officials are saying McFeat is being deported because of improper documentation, but come on. That just sounds like a cover for the butt hurt nation.

Shit, I probably shouldn’t have called them butt hurt.

J/K Kyrgyzstan all hail glorious leader Almazbek Atambayev. And chuchuk! Love chuchuk!

[H/T @morninggloria]

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