‘Did That Screw Just Fall Out?’ — The Last Thing You Ever Want To Hear Before A Carnival Ride

Thankfully for the kids in this video it’s obvious that there are hotels in the background, so after they got off the ride it’d only be a short trip back to the room to change their poopy pants. Because let’s be honest here, when that dude operating the ride showed them that enormous screw just milliseconds before they were shot into the sky the only physiological reaction that would’ve made sense was defecation. Pants. Were. Shat.

After watching this video no less than five times, it’s obvious that to the ride’s operators this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. You can practically see an indent on the metal where that screw hit, carved out from the thousands of times they’ve tossed that screw and scared the crap out of unsuspecting tourists. But that doesn’t make it any less funny, nor does it stop the tourists from crapping their pants on repeat.

If there were awards given for scaring unsuspecting tourists this ride’s operators would win it, and rightfully so. They successfully caused pants to be shat, and that’s not something most of us can say we’ve ever accomplished in our lives.