Scuba Diver Takes Incredible GoPro Footage of Shark Attacking Him in Coral Reef

This is some harrowing, never-wanna-go-in-the-ocean-again shit right here: Scuba diver Jason Dimitri was spear-fishing in a reef near the Cayman Islands when he noticed a shark approaching him. While he began swimming up the 70 feet necessary to get to safety, he used his spear gun to fend off the shark, which attacked again and again.

And he captured the whole experience on a GoPro.

Dimitri is fine, if a little shaken up, and to his credit said he has no plans to stop diving any time soon. He originally took to the reef to kill lionfish, an invasive predator that clogs ecosystems and is slowly destroying some of the native wildlife in the Carribean. “The Cayman Islands is where I learned to dive,” he said in the posting. “I love this place and will continue diving here for the rest of my life. In no way did this encounter discourage me from getting back into the water.”

He also said he has no hard feelings toward the shark, which would be a little understandable. “I want to make it clear that I am hunting lionfish to help protect the reef from the destruction they cause,” he wrote. “The shark was acting in his natural environment. I have no ill will toward him.”

Well, if he won’t say it I will: Sharks are dicks.

[H/T: Washington Post]