If You’re Anywhere Near Cape Cod STAY THE F**K Out Of The Water — Shark Turns Seal Into Pulled Pork

WARNING: if you watch this video to the end it gets rather gruesome. It’s footage of a great white shark attacking a seal just feet off the beach in Cape Cod. This is real life, not some edited footage for Shark Week, and sometimes real life can be pretty disturbing….moving on…

Nevermind the fact that it’s currently 48 degrees (rainy and windy) up on High Head Road, Cape Cod. If you’re anywhere in the vicinity and thinking about taking a swim then you SERIOUSLY need to reconsider that plan. Perhaps you’re into distance swims in frigid waters, my aunt is into long distance swimming in chilly ass water and she’s the healthiest person in my family. If this describes you then please, please, PLEASE find a cold pool and swim laps.

Why? Look at that goddamn footage of a great white shark absolutely mauling a seal at the end of High Head Road in Cape Cod just FEET from the beach. There’s blood everywhere, that seal got shredded like a 4-cheese blend for my taco salads.

Seriously, though, R.I.P. seal. You were dealt a shitty hand by life and placed at a very disadvantageous spot on the food chain. For you, seal, the end was always coming at the mouth of a great white shark in the Northern Atlantic. Those cold waters are home to a preponderance of big ass sharks with razor sharp teeth, and it’s not the shark’s fault that nature made you seals the shark equivalent of a bone-in ribeye steak served extra rare.

Here’s the YouTube description, via Storyful:

I captured this on the morning of Nov 26th, when I was walking on the beach in Cape Cod with my family. We were looking out for seals, and weren’t disappointed on that front. The shark came from nowhere.
As far as the seal goes, there was nothing we could do – the shark tore a huge gash in its lower flank, and it bled out on the beach, and died within about 10 minutes. We just kept our distance and watched nature take it’s course. Incredibly sad to watch for sure.

I’m sure that was both incredible to watch but also heart-wrenching to see that seal get turned from a tomato into ketchup.

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