Nature Is Metal As Hell: Seal Jumps Into Fishing Boat As School Of Orcas Try To Eat It Like Bacon

My first reaction after watching this clip was ‘damn nature, you scary AF’. Then I remembered that orcas are pretty much a biological phenomenon within the Animal Kingdom who not only kill for fun but they’re perceived to take pleasure in the torturing of their kills, so it was unfair of me to judge all of nature by these terrifying creatures. If orcas were to be compared to historical figures they’d essentially be from the Middle Ages/Dark Ages and they’d be both the person passing out death sentences and they’d be that mother fucker carrying out the torturous executions.

They’re just not an animal you want to dick around with, so when the dudes on that boat saw the seal come to them in desperation they knew he deserved his ‘get out of jail free’ pass and let him stay. I’m just shocked that the orcas didn’t go even more metal and try to break the boat into pieces and eat everyone aboard because they most certainly had bloodlust at that moment.

Also, I want to send a shout out to my buddy Kyle O. from Storyful for sending this clip my way!