A Drone Captured Footage Of A Seal Feeding On A School Of Fish And, Bros, You Just Gotta See This Craziness

This clip filmed using a drone at Australia’s Bondi Beach has been going crazy viral over the past few days and for very good reason. In it you see a lone seal attempting to feast upon a large school of fish in shallow water near the surf break. As the seal swims through, around, and into the school of fish you can see the fish school changing shape, but it never breaks.

This spectacle alone is pretty cool but the thing that’s been blowing everyone’s mind is how the school of fish actually takes on the shape of the predator at one point and resembles a large seal from above. This is pretty fucking cool even if you’re not really into nature videos, and this video has me wondering what else we’ve been missing all of these centuries without the use of drones.

Here’s that crazy moment once more in animated GIF, just so we can be certain that our eyes aren’t playing tricks on us here:

I have to say that from the water those surfers must’ve been a little bit taken aback. With that many fish hauling ass in every direction and the constant swirl it probably seemed like there was a tiny shark swimming around, and the water wouldn’t have been it’s usual crystal clear hue with all of the fish in the water. I know my mind would’ve jumped to ‘shark in the water’ for sure.

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(h/t TheInertia)