BREAKING: Authorities Say El Chapo’s Interview With Sean Penn Is The Reason He Got Caught

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Yesterday the leader of the infamous Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was captured after six months on the run by Mexican law enforcement. This evening the story takes a turn for the weird. American actor Sean Penn — fucking Spicoli, of all people — met with the drug kingpin back in September for a seven hour interview. This evening Rolling Stone published the interview and, oh boy, is it a hell of a read.

Sean Penn’s meeting is the first interview the billionaire fugitive drug kingpin has ever given. Authorities in Mexico on Friday said that El Chapo was nabbed from contacting Hollywood producers about turning his story into a movie or TV series. Via NY Times:

In the end, the Mexican authorities said Friday night that Mr. Guzmán had been caught partly because he had been planning a movie about his life, and had contacted actors and producers, which had helped the authorities to track him down. Mr. Penn’s story says that Mr. Guzmán, inundated with Hollywood offers while in prison, had indeed elected to make his own movie. Ms. del Castillo, whom he contacted through his lawyer after she posted supportive messages on Twitter, was the only person he trusted to shepherd the project, according to the story. Mr. Penn heard about the connection with Ms. del Castillo through a mutual acquaintance, and asked if he might do an interview.

UPDATE: Sean Penn might be a dead man now? Authorities say Sean Penn’s interview with the drug kingpin is what led them to El Chapo.

And it’s about to get a WHOLE LOT crazier. He and actress Kate Del Castillos, who was accompanying him, are now under investigation:

Go read the New York Times condensed version if you want the TL;DR. Meanwhile, Sean Penn’s Rolling Stone article is verbose and masturbatory and wayyyyy too try-hard, though FILLED with the kind of gems you’d expect Sean Penn to include. But you should read it. And more importantly, you should go see the video segment El Chapo sent Penn after he had to cut the conversation short because authorities were on to his location (they raided the hideout where they met a few days later).

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