This Guy Had Three Secret Girlfriends…Until They Figured It Out And Busted Him In Public


Who doesn’t love a story about a giant bag of dicks going through some intense public humiliation? No one, that’s who! And in this case, the giant bag of dicks would be 20 year old Charlie Fisher, who managed to juggle along three separate girlfriends for over six months…until the girls found out about each other.

But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

One of Charlie’s girlfriends, 17 year old Becky Connery, caught him texting some unknown woman on his phone about meeting up later, despite the fact that he’d told her he was going home early to finish packing for his vacation.

Becky, who works part-time as a hairdresser when she’s not studying, said: ‘Charlie caught me and we had a row – I asked who this girl was and he said she was just a friend.’

The next day, after Mr Fisher had flown off on holiday to see family in Germany, Becky found the girl, who lives in Hatfield but does not want to be named, on Twitter and sent her a message.

Becky said: ‘I told her we were both seeing the same person and she wasn’t surprised – she had been with him since January, and had always had her suspicions’

The two girls then met and discovered there was a third girl, Lizzie Leeland-Cunningham, 19, who lives in Hatfield, and made contact with her through Facebook. Lizzie, a bar supervisor, had been dating Mr Fisher since meeting him on Facebook in April.

She said: ‘He was a real charmer and had a real way with words – he knew how to say the right thing at the right time.

‘But what I didn’t realise was that when he was going off to see his friend ‘Chris’, he was actually seeing one of the other girls. He did it to them, too, saying he was going to see ‘Harry’ when he was seeing me.

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Once the three girls realized that their boyfriend was actually a giant douchecanoe, they came up with a plan to bust him in the most publicly humiliating way possible.


Lizzie said: ‘I suggested as a joke that we should all go to the airport to meet him. The other two said “Yes, good idea” straightaway, so we met on Saturday morning and went to the airport together.’

As Mr Fisher came out through customs, all three girls called his name.
Becky said: ‘He froze and looked at us. He said: “Why are you here? Why would you do this?”

…Lizzie said: ‘He came out of customs and saw all of us and his face just dropped. We said we wanted to talk to him, and he said “Can’t I talk to you later?” and we said no, we wanted to talk to him now…

Mr Fisher headed towards the car park with his grandmother, who had come to collect him, but the girls continued to berate him, stopping only to explain what their grievance was to his grandmother.

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If you’re wondering what the grandma’s response was, once the girls explained why they were berating Charlie all she said in reply was “Ok.” The fuck? Beat some sense into your grandchild woman, old lady style.


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