Check Out This Secret Nazi Lair Just Discovered Deep In The Jungles Of Argentina

by 4 years ago

Nazis, I hate these guys.” — Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, as well as approximately seven billion other persons on this planet.

But you know who didn’t hate Nazis? Other Nazis. No, in fact, other Nazis were friends, family and even coworkers of Nazis. And after World War II, when being a Nazi was super not en vogue, Nazis helped hide and shelter other Nazis from international prosecution.

One of the places Nazis fled was to Argentina. Argentina harbored some of the worst people of the entire Third Reich, including Josef Mengele and Adolf Eichmann. Some even believe Hitler wound up there.

However, it wasn’t long before Nazi Hunters like Simon Wiesenthal went after these heinous folks. So, with the wrath of the world coming down on you, you need a better hiding place than a penthouse in Buenos Aires. One archaeologist thinks he’s found one such hideout, built specifically to shelter top-level Nazis after World War II.

Archaeologists say they’ve discovered what they believe to be a Nazi hideout in the middle of an Argentinian jungle.

Six researchers from the University of Buneos Aires and La Plata Museum found the ruins of what is believed to be a hideout in Teyu Cuare Park in northern Argentina near the border with Paraguay, team leader Daniel Schavelzon told ABC News today.

Here are some shots of the lair, courtesy of Clarin Web TV:

nazi-lair nazi-lair2 nazi-lair3

How can they be so certain it was one of the Furher’s tree forts? Well, for starters, it’s in the middle of nowhere. Which, if you wanted to build a secret lair to keep you out of sight from Johnny Law, a dense ass jungle is not a bad idea. It’s also only a river crossing away from Paraguay, in case you need to get your flee on.

Moreover, there’s lots of Nazi shit in it, which is kind of a dead giveaway

During the past 15 days the team spent at the ruins, they discovered three buildings, a stone quarry and various artifacts from World War II Germany, Schavelzon said.

“We found German coins minted between 1938 and 1944, fragments of a porcelain plate that said it was made in Germany and Nazi symbols and German inscriptions carved into the walls,” [team leader Daniel Schavelzon] said. “It’s hard to prove the site was definitely made by the Nazis, but we’re working to unearth more evidence to support this hypothesis.”

The Nazis never used it, because Argentina was so chill with them being there. But it’s also believed there are possibly hideouts like this all over the world.

Man, even the Nazis must have known they were doing fucked up shit if they planned this stuff well in advance.