The Secret Service Says They’ve Spoken Multiple Times With The Donald Trump Campaign About His Second Amendment Comments

Yesterday, at a rally, Donald Trump said that “Second Amendment” people should do something about Hilary Clinton winning this election and appointing anti-gun proponents to the Supreme Court.

People on the left said it was a thinly veiled assassination threat. Supporters of Trump said he was clearly saying Second Amendment people needed to mobilize and vote in this election.

Well, in America, there is one authority on who is and isn’t attempting to assassinate the president. That’d be the Secret Service.

Last night, they tweeted that they were aware of Trump’s comments.

Today, it’s being reported that they spoke to the Trump campaign.

From CNN:

A US Secret Service official confirms to CNN that the USSS has spoken to the Trump campaign regarding his Second Amendment comments.

“There has been more than one conversation” on the topic, the official told CNN.

The campaign told USSS Donald Trump did not intend to incite violence.

Good. Glad we cleared that up. But I can guarantee you they wouldn’t have talked to him if he’d used the phrase “vote” instead of “do something.”

So there’s that.

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