City Residents Are Pissed About This ‘Selfie Statue’ Because What Aren’t People Pissed About These Days?


ABC News

Residents of Sugar Land, Texas are pissed about a city-approved selfie statue erected outside City Hall. The statue features two smiling young women, in a slight crouch, taking a selfie in the last place on Earth anyone would want to take a selfie.

“I’m embarrassed for everyone,” a resident commented on Twitter. Why? Because they live in Texas? Oh, the statue.

People aren’t so much pissed about the statue but more because they think it was paid for by their tax dollars. It wasn’t.

Some residents took to social media to voice their outrage after word went out — mistakenly — that the city paid for the monuments as part of a beautification project. In fact, the selfie statue was part of a 10-piece sculpture collection paid for by a generous resident, according to a press release put out last month by the city, saying that the sculptures were “donated by a Sugar Land resident to the city through the Sugar Land Legacy Foundation.” The donor was identified as Samuel Levin.

Now doesn’t everyone feel stupid? What? You’re all still mad? Why?

Even if taxpayer money wasn’t used for the installation, some people took issue with the selfie-taking statue because, in their view, it promotes a narcissistic society. “So, is the city of Sugar Land expecting us to take pictures with that statue of 2 girls taking a selfie?” the woman noted above asked in her tweet.

Yes so everyone please line up behind that fucking moron.

[via ABC News]

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