Seniors Reacting To Kim Kardashian’s Greased Up Naked Ass Are Old People At Their Finest

The last time we saw one of The Fine Bros. “Elders React” videos they brought us old people awkwardly and hilariously commenting on Nicki Minaj’s booty-filled “Anaconda” music video.

Naturally, Kim Kardashian’s “Break The Internet” photo shoot was an obvious choice as a follow-up and the grandmas and grandpas who checked out Kim’s glistening derriere in this video did not disappoint.

Best comments?

“No, I don’t buy that. I think that’s doctored. If I ever see her in person I’ll have to look closely.”

“It might be exploitation to some people, but I love this because I’m a man.”

Gotta love old people. They just DGAF anymore.