Service Dog Makes It Into High School Yearbook And Photo Goes Viral

service dog high school yearbook

Alpha Schalk is not your regular high school student. That’s because Alpha Schalk is a service dog. Despite being a canine, the four-legged friend made this high school yearbook because he is of critical assistance to one Stafford High School student.

Andrew Schalk is a high school junior at Stafford High School in Falmouth, Virginia. Young Andrew needs Alpha because the student has type 1 diabetes and the service dog helps control his blood sugar levels.

“Alpha’s job is to alert me to my blood sugar through smell 20 to 40 minutes sooner than I know anything is wrong,” Schalk said. “He is a huge help in controlling my blood sugar levels.”

Alpha has been going to school and attending classes with Andrew for a year and a half now. The school has become quite fond of Alpa.

“Everyone loves him and it has been fantastic,” Schalk said. “Everyone in class and in the hallways knows who he is, and it really brightens everybody’s day.”

The students and faculty of the high school adore Alpha so much was included in this year’s high school yearbook.

Yearbook Dog


“On yearbook picture day I got my picture taken and scooted over and he got his picture taken,” Schalk said. “He just had on his vest, as always. He was in his standard wear as if out in public.”

This is an awesome gesture.