Sex Tape Released Without Girlfriend’s Consent — She Gets Payback By Pouring Acid On Boyfriend’s Junk

A 25-year-old man is regretting his decision to record him and his girl having sex because now he’s got no dick.

A 25-year-old man can no longer use his penis after his 17-year-old girlfriend poured acid on his genitals to punish him for distributing a pornographic video he’d taken of her without her knowledge.

The girl, whose name is known to African Eye News Service (AENS) but cannot be published because she is under age, attacked Humphrey Khoza with battery acid while he was drinking beers with friends at a tavern in Cork village near Hazyview, Mpumalanga, on January 17.

Oh shit! In front of his boys too! Just walked into a pub and SPLISH! he’s now dickless.

In the viral video that AENS has seen to verify the claims, Khoza is seen pushing the girl, who was in her school uniform, to the bed. She appeared not to notice that she was being filmed while they had sex.

“Everything happened in a blink of an eye because I saw her when she was coming with a bottle but I didn’t realise that she was carrying acid. She just angrily called me a dog. She asked how in the world I could have done such an evil thing to her. It was only then that I realised that she was talking about the video that I took while we were having sex,” said Khoza.

Um, even neutered dogs get to keep their dicks, dude.

I’m going to make this point crystal clear and highlight it in bold for all the bros out there — DON’T RECORD YOUR GIRL DURING SEX IF SHE DOESN’T KNOW YOU’RE RECORDING DURING SEX. Even if you only plan on watching the video by yourself in a dark room with the shades drawn, something will go wrong. SOMETHING will go wrong.

Even though he’s dickless, the guy told reporters he feels “lucky to be alive.” Probably because he’s making money off the ads running before the video.

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