Editor Installs Mirror Above Her Bed To Improve Her Sex Life And It Sounds Like It Really Works

I’ve stayed in countless hotels with mirrors mounted above the bed. Every hotel room in Vegas seems to have this feature. I haven’t however ever mounted a mirror above my bed at home in order to spice up my sex life, but that’s exactly what Metro editor Violet Fenn did.

She mounted a ‘red mirror’ above her bed because red mirrors are apparently super flattering on the body, and you’ll look better in a red mirror than in any other mirror on the planet. Here’s another reason Violet mounted the mirror above her bed, in her words, not mind:

Having sex in front of a mirror means you get to watch what is basically live-streamed, homemade porn with no worries about anyone else accidentally seeing it.

She makes an excellent point here. If you’re like every man on Planet Earth and you’re into watching porn then this sounds like a win-win here. You get all the perks of home porn but don’t have to worry about someone snooping through your phone and finding some things they shouldn’t see.

Now, here’s how Violet’s experience went (via Metro):

All I can say is – oh my god, red mirrors are the most flattering thing I have ever seen in my life.
I am nowhere near as fat as I thought I was and installing a mirror that is actually intended to be used for sex (rather than just happened to be in the room) is a turn on in itself.

And here are some responses Violet got from her readers who have used sex mirrors before:

‘I’m a very visual person with regards to sex – I love watching people f***ing, even more so if it’s me’ Kay L
‘Yes I’ve tried it – and I actually got quite into the way my jiggly bits were, er, jiggling!’ Liz
‘If you position yourself in just the right way whilst going down on someone, it looks as if he/she is being done by two of you.’ Jo

Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it? You look better in a red mirror than in real-life. She claims the mere act of installing the sex mirror was a turn-on, likely because it came with the implication that sex was in the very near future. All of this sounds positive, right? Right.

To see what Violet looks like and to read about her full experience with the mirror you can CLICK HERE to head on over to Metro.

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