These Are Probably The Raunchiest Ads For Jeans I’ve Ever Seen

Sex always sells. These new ads for Alexander Wang jeans are sex times one hundred. I’m sweating. These ads are making me sweat.

The designer launched the ads on his Facebook page this week and I’m not quite sure how they passed through the Zuckerberg screeners without getting banned. If we so much as mention the word vagina our page gets dinged for “content issues.”

Prices for the jeans¬†will range from $225 to $295 for the “boy fit” models in blue washes.

The model is Anna Ewers and I’m telling you because I’m sure you already yelled at the computer “who the hell is she?” You’re welcome.

Seriously, look at these jeans ads. They’re pure smut. I LOVE THEM! Though I’m not sure what’s going on in that final ad but I’m willing to wait around and see how it all turns out.

H/T Luxuo

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