Your Sexting Addiction Has Nothing on the Doctor Who Sexted During Surgeries


Look, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve sent a sext at work. I’m sure you have, too. Sitting in a boring meeting, or turned on after a conference call, I’ve gone to my phone and typed in some naughty words to a fling while still at the office.

So I can’t hate too much on the guy I’m going to tell you about, except that my job didn’t involving ensuring people stay alive.

Arthur K. Zilberstein’s did, though. He’s a Seattle-based anesthesiologist who was allegedly sexting while he put people under for C-sections.

Washington state health authorities said Monday that Dr. Arthur K. Zilberstein, 47, compromised patient safety because of a “preoccupation with sexual matters” while on duty between at least April 2013 and August 2013.

Charges filed with the state Medical Quality Assurance Commission allege that on one day alone, June 17, 2013, Zilberstein sent 64 texts during seven surgeries, many of which had sexual innuendos. Many of the texts were apparently sent minutes apart, including one that read: “I’m hella busy with C sections.”

But don’t fret! Even with his voracious sexting habit, Zilberstein still found time to send dick pics, jack off to MRIs and provide prescription drugs to patients he was banging.

In addition, Zilberstein allegedly accessed medical images improperly for sexual gratification and had sexual encounters at his workplace, the charges state. He’s also accused of issuing at least 29 unauthorized prescriptions for controlled substances and other drugs. The charges also allege that Zilberstein had sexual relations with a patient and prescribed unauthorized narcotics to her.

Zilberstein also demonstrated “moral turpitude” that reflected badly on the medical profession by sending color “selfies” to that patient “depicting himself in hospital scrubs, wearing his hospital badge and exposing his genitals,” the charges said.

“Oh. And my partner walked in as I was pulling up my scrubs. I’m pretty sure he caught me,” another text read.

Like I said. I’m not even mad. Except for the part where he endangered mothers and their newborns. But all’s well that ends well.

[Image of Doctor who is not Arthur K. Zilberstein via Shutterstock]