It’s Not Too Late To Get Your ‘Sexy’ Ebola Nurse Halloween Costumes!

Hey ladies are you still looking for that special Halloween costume that is topical, but yet slutty? Well you’re in luck because for only $59.99 you can be a “Sexy Ebola Nurse!” That’s right, show everyone that you’re not afraid to offend and look sexy doing so! Sure Ebola has ravaged West Africa and infected over 10,000 people which has resulted in nearly 5,000 excruciating deaths, but what the hay, anything for an uncomfortable chuckle from a fellow insensitive dunderhead? Right?

To be quite honest, that containment suit doesn’t even appear to be very protective, your arms, legs and neck are completely exposed to the disease. This medical suit doesn’t even appear capable of containing your burning Chlamydia. And who in their right mind really wants to swap fluids with an individual who has been changing Ebola victims’ bedpans? Instant bonerkiller.

But you know what they say, “The couple that offends together, stays together.” So there’s also an Ebola Containment Suit for men!

There was even another version of the Sexy Ebola Nurse going around, but alas it is fake. It is actually a “Slutty Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit” from last year re-imagined as an Ebola containment suit. I was a bit sad that it’s not real because I favored this one because frankly it had a bit more cleavage.