This SFSU Professor Invited Students To His House So He Could Film Them Using The Bathroom

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Planning a party? Inviting people? That’s SO much work just to film people using the toilet. Typing into Google “videos of people pooping” would’ve saved Professor Landis from San Francisco State University at least 5 hours of time.

“The former accounting professor is alleged to have invited over several current and former students from SFSU and the University of San Francisco, among others, for a party and secretly filmed them while they used the bathroom, Bastian said.
The investigation into Landis began last November, according to court records. Prior to the investigation, a student reportedly at Landis’ San Francisco home for a party went to use the bathroom. Once inside, he noticed a tissue box that seemed to have a flashing light coming from underneath it. He looked under the box and found a camera. The student reportedly took the memory card from the camera.
He examined the contents of the memory card and saw that there were many instances of guests being filmed in the bathroom.”

Via San Francisco Examiner

Why’d he decide to use his own bathroom in the first place? Landis works for a frickin’ university, think of all the bathrooms you can hide poop cameras in and all the types of people you’ll record! And you could hide it in the top of the toilet paper dispenser and, and…

…in other words, I’ve put way too much thought into this.

[H/T Gawker]


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