Robbie Rivera’s New Track ‘Shake It’ Is Perfect For Your Upcoming Midterm Study Sessions


If you’re not big on Top 40 music but can’t quite manage to study while listening to drop-heavy big room EDM tracks, ‘Shake It’ by Robbie Rivera is the answer to all your prayers. It’s mellow enough that you can still focus on whatever exam material you’re stuck cramming into your head all in one night, but at the same time upbeat enough that you won’t find yourself falling asleep face-first into your textbook.

According to Rivera,

I have been playing Siwell’s tech house grooves for the past year, and after creating this tech/tribal track in my Miami studio, I decided to send it his way. We worked on adding a cooler bassline, and to finish the track I recorded my voice simply saying ‘Shake it Up’. ‘Shake It’ is the end product of our work together – a track that will be felt on the dancefloor – you’re gonna dig this one.

Dig it? Feel free to head over to Beatport for a download.