Beachgoers Save The Life Of A Beached Great White Shark, Return It To The Ocean Which … WHY???

by 5 years ago

YouTubeLook, I get that one of the greatest aspects of humankind is our capacity for love, empathy and forgiveness.But Great White Sharks are on a murder tear up and down the East Coast right now. They are prowling the seaboard, us facing an almost Jaws-like epidemic of attacks.And while the sharks have been striking, we haven't been striking back. We haven't shot no sharks, or stabbed no sharks, or even dropped leaflets on no sharks warning them of shark sanctions if they don't stop biting.So sorry if I'm a little pissed that when people in Cape Cod got a chance to take a fucking shark POW, possibly to use in negotiations with the shark council later on, they instead let him go back to the front lines.What, the, and fuck?These United States citizens should be executed for treason.However, the video of the rescue is great, if only because you get to see a shark dragged by its tail back to the water, Mogadishu style.YouTube

Hopefully that’ll show them.

Here’s the full video.

And remember, sharks aren’t actually at war with us! These people did a great thing, and if you’d like to learn more about Atlantic White Sharks and how to help them, check out the Atlantic White Shark Conservatory.