Watch As A Hammerhead Shark Attacks A Blacktip Attracting A School Of Bull Sharks, And Then Never Go Swimming Again

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Jim Abernathy Shark Shepherd Images

(Photo by Jim Abernethy / Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

At this exact moment there are countless animals fighting each other to the death, all that survival of the fittest stuff we learned back in Biology.

Spending all day indoors in the heart of Manhattan, typing away at a computer, covering an endless stream of news, it’s very easy to forget that nature is scary as hell. But then I see a video like this and remember how unforgiving the wild is.

I’ve never been attacked by a shark, but I’ve come close. I’ve had one bump me in the side (without biting) to see whether or not I’d taste good. I was pretty hammered at the time, and was probably pouring Seco (a Panamanian liquor) from my pores, and the shark likely decided I’d taste like shit.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had sharks eat my fish in half as I was reeling them up. Growing up near the famous Boca Grande Pass that flows full of Tarpon each spring, sharks were always a reality when fishing. They’d bite your fish in half while you were reeling it in, maybe hang around thinking they could do it again, but rarely were shark attacks ever a concern of mine….but then I see shit like this.

You’ve got the apex predator, the Hammerhead Shark, chasing down the lowly Blacktip Reef Shark, and in all the commotion a school of Bull Sharks (which holy shit, they school up?!?!? I’ve only ever seen them solo)…a school of Bull Sharks show up to chase off the Hammerhead. THIS IS LIFE PEOPLE.

This is the shit fishermen have witnessed for centuries, long before the advent of the GoPro to snap off footage like this.

Is it wrong that I wish something more happened? Maybe some blood in the water perhaps? The title of the video didn’t lie, the shark chased the shark and then got chased by a school of sharks, and holy shit is that remarkable…but where’s the carnage?

If you’re looking for some more fishing action, here’s a school of tarpon trying to eat a GoPro:

And here’s one of a Bull Shark going after an Amberjack that just got shot:

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