‘I Know!’ Said This Dude. ‘We’ll Shoot the Fish Over the Dam With a Cannon’


The Colombia River in Oregon has a bit of a problem. It’s full of salmons that need to swim upstream to spawn. That’s not really a problem. That’s just nature. The problem is that humans stuck a dam in the middle of the water thing to power their go-karts, Kitchen Aid stand mixers and Samsung Galaxy tablets.

The salmons can’t swim through concrete.

When they reach the dam, the salmons are taken out of the water and placed into trucks and helicopters to be taken up and around. Not very nature if you ask me.

Luckily, Whooshh Innovations is here with a solution that’s much more inline with a salmons’ natural nature. It sucks them into a vacuum tube and shoots them over the dam at 22 mph. Just like the Lord intended.

Wanna watch a video of fish being shot out of a cannon? Yea, you do.

[Via io9]

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