The Short And Sweet Story Of A Bro Who Did Bong Rips In A Hospital Bed

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A few weeks ago a hilarious meme on Waka Flocka’s Facebook page BLEW UP viral, getting well over 500,000 likes. Despite the dark subtext about mortality, it’s the most Bro thing ever: A dude ripping a bong in a hospital bed like a boss, zero fucks given:

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Waka Flocka’s website caught up with the kid pictured in the meme, asking him how he ended up doing bong rips in a hospital bed. Turns out, no, this Aussie Bro wasn’t laying in his death bed. Just in the hospital suffering from a dirt bike accident.

It’s the best stoner story you’ll read today:

Waka Vision: How the hell did you get the bong into the hospital?

Luke: One of my mates came in with it in his bag an no one was around or in the room so I put the curtain up and held the smoke in after I ripped it haha.

Waka Vision: What were you in the hospital for? And did smoking help relieve whatever pain you were in?

Luke: I had a broken knee from a dirtbike accident, and yeah it helped a little, haha.



If you’ve ever smoked weed in a hospital bed (or somewhere else vaguely amusing), share your story in the comments.

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