Young Girl Demonstrates How Not To Take A ‘First Shot’ Of Tequila In Front Of Your Mom

by 5 years ago

Remember the first time drinking in front of mom and dad? It probably wasn’t your first time with booze but you had to play it off like your body was a virgin to anything alcoholic. You made faces, pretended to not like the taste, maybe even coughed a little in an effort to trick your parents into thinking this one gulp was breaking your drinking cherry.

Yeah, not this chick. This girl is slamming back shots of tequila in front of her entire family like she’s an extra in a Roadhouse remake. Her mom, obviously, is alarmed at how easy the shot goes down and even her technique. Am I still talking about drinking?

This obviously wasn’t her first time tasting grandpa’s couch syrup.

[via Some eCards]

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