Poll Asking People ‘Should Kids Get Participation Trophies?’ Yields the Least Shocking Results Ever


The Washington Post just released these poll results (courtesy of Reason.com) that will shock absolutely no one. As you can see above, Millennials, the generation who started this “let’s give losers trophies” craze, think kids should totes still get participation trophies. That’s not their fault, though. They were raised having the world handed to them. Blame the parents who couldn’t stand to see their loser kids leave empty-handed. They did this. They made all those 9th place trophies. Not the Millennials. They just showed up and took what they were given for their pitiful on-field performances.

What may be somewhat surprising is how the results break out when you remove age from the equation and separate answers based solely on household income.



On second thought,¬†maybe it’s not so surprising to see that most people who earn more money think kids should also EARN their trophies instead of having them handed to you.

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