This Side-By-Side Of Obama From His First State Of The Union And Last Will Show You What Being President Does To A Man


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Being a man ain’t easy. Lord, we men know being a man ain’t easy. Women sure think it’s easy being a man, but I can tell you it is not.

You gotta make decisions and be a breadwinner and live with machismo and deal with the expectations society heaps upon you. No wonder men look so old when they get older. Because of life. Stress, man. Pressure. All of it.

So I imagine being a man and been president is something else. Like … you see some shit (the torture of innocent civilians, the civilian casualties from military strikes) and you gotta make some decisions (willfully continuing to imprisoning and torture innocent civilians, authorizing military strikes that you know will cause civilian casualties). That ain’t easy. Plus, a lot of travel. The grind, man. It wears on you.

No one knows what it’s like to be president (especially not George Bush), but I imagine the men who were president have a good idea.

Boy does it faze you. Boy does it break you down. No wonder Obama’s State of the Union, after eight years of trying was just, can we please like try or something. Or not.

Look what the office done done to him.


I bet the first day of not being president is the best.

Also, imagine his face if he kept smoking cigarettes.

[Via Reddit]

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