The Best Signature Dish From Every Part Of BBQ Country

There are few quests as noble as man’s quest for perfect smoked meat. Any time I’m wheels up to another city, I always make a point to check out the town’s signature BBQ place. Here’s in New York, I have a rotation of joints I hit up regularly — Fette Sau, John Brown Smokehouse, Mighty Quinn’s, Hill Country, Blue Smoke, and — a personal favorite because it’s so off the grid to many New Yorkers — Fort Gansevoort in the Meatpacking District.

So far, my bbq bucket list has included the following stops: Pappy’s Smokehouse in St. Louis for ribs, Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City for baby back ribs, Franklin’s in Texas for brisket, Jackson Street in Houston, Dreamland BBQ in Alabama, The Salt Lick in Texas, and Hog Heaven BBQ in Nashville. There are probably a couple dozen more BBQ restaurants that need to be added, including signature spots in the Carolinas, which I’ve largely neglected in my travels.

Since we want to increase your BBQ IQ, we made a mouthwatering video to educate the world about the best regional BBQ dish from every part of BBQ country. Watch it above.

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