Singapore Airlines Plane Bursts Into Flames During Emergency Landing (Pics + Video)

A Singapore Airlines plane burst into flames on Monday after an emergency landing at the city-state’s Changi Airport. The aircraft’s wing was swallowed by an inferno that sent petrified passengers into a panic.

Lee Bee Yee, who was on the plane, said she smelled gasoline about two or three hours into the frightful flight. Singapore Airlines Flight SQ368 was headed to Milan, but an engine oil warning message forced the pilot to turn back to make an emergency landing. When the Boeing 777-300ER touched down in Singapore, the plane’s right engine was engulfed in fire.

“We were so close to death!! I am still in the plane with all passengers. But I think we are safe for now,” Yee posted on Facebook.

All of the 222 passengers and 19 crew were safely evacuated from the plane. Emergency crews raced to the scene and extinguished the flames.


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