Dude Goes From Singing A Sweet Melody To Screaming For His Life When His Car Crashes

Meet Travis Carpenter. Travis enjoys taking long drives and passing the time by singing. On this day the roads were soaked after heavy rains. The downpour did not stop Travis from singing in the rain.

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However, on this trip which has done several times, his car would hydroplane and cause his vehicle to slide off the road and barrel roll down an embankment.

Travis tells the story of when the beautiful music stopped:

I was traveling from Indianapolis to Whitewater, WI for a practice weekend with Machine Ultimate. I was going 70mph (speed limit) on I65 north. I travel the 3-4 hours by myself every time and use singing as a way to pass time, and critique it later. At this point I was practicing a nasal type voice on a Casting Crowns song when the crash happened. I was watching the road and saw nothing that caused me to worry. Simply hydroplaned in a heavy rain. My car slid sideways, and then was completely backwards by the time I slid off the road and went down a small hill. I hit a mile marker sign (230) on my way off the road. Here are two of the most amazing parts: I sustained NO injuries. Not even a scratch. And my car took NO mechanical damage and is completely driveable. Only body damage.

Amazingly Travis suffered no injuries except for some pennies hitting him in the noggin. That sweet serenading instantly transitioning to bloodcurdling screams is really something.

What’s your hurry Travis? Please don’t drive so fast in inclement weather. Because you survived your incredible crash, I’ll dedicate a song for you. A little diddy from Florida Georgia Line called “This Is How We Roll.” Perhaps you can sing this song on your next driving jaunt.