Science Now Says That Snorting A Single Line Of Cocaine Changes Your Brain Permanently



As with anything in life that is the least bit fun, consequences come with it. Skydiving is fine and dandy, but y’know, your parachute could decide to not open and you’d die. Eating chicken cheesesteaks every day for 3 months straight during your freshman fall semester at college is fun, but the 15 pounds I gained were not. Cocaine is fun too, but apparently doing just one line of it changes your brain permanently. As of writing this I’ve done one line…times like 50. I’m trying to think of what my brain would be like had I refrained from snorting crap up my nose, but it seems that I’ve snorted way too much of that shit and I’m on the fritz. Oh well.

As Cass Anderson says, “Cocaine’s like Pringles, once you pop the top you can’t stop, and nobody’s ever stopped at just one.” JCamm then replied with “Jesus, Cass” because he’s no fun and clearly hasn’t channeled his inner Scarface yet despite being from Miami. I think. Really I don’t know shit about any of my coworkers but whatever, back to talking about drugs. Via Metro:

A single dose was found to change a molecular mechanism in the brain’s reward centre in a University of East Anglia study.
The change could mean that people are more likely to relapse into drug addiction after stressful events.

Dr Peter McCormick from the School of Pharmacy said: ‘Relapse among cocaine addicts is a major problem. We wanted to find out what causes it.

‘We showed that cocaine disrupts the interaction between receptors and these changes could increase the risk of relapse under stressful conditions.

Do you know how hard it is to get addicted to coke? For one thing, you have to have money. Coke is fucking expensive and if you blink for just a fraction of a second your roommate’s snuck into your room and snorted the stash you had sitting on your PS4 because who steals coke from their roommate? Poor people don’t get addicted to coke, and if you’re rich and dumb enough to indulge in the white fluff to the point where you have a problem, wellll you kind of brought that on yourself.

[H/T Metro]

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