Hot Single Mom Dresses Like Dude For ‘Donuts With Dad’ Event, Which Is Awesome, But The Outfit Is Horrendous

Schools find at least 100 different ways to make parents feel like shit every academic year. This school in Texas hasn’t even been back a month and they’re already hosting a “Donuts With Dad” day which is awesome for kids who have dads with flexible work schedules or kids with dads.

Fox 4 reports that Yevette Vasquez was dropping her son Elijah off at Fort Worth’s Sue Crouch Intermediate School Thursday morning when she remarked aloud about how many more cars there were in the parking lot than usual. Elijah informed her the crowded lot was for “Donuts With Dad” day—an announcement that spurred the creative single mom into immediate action.

“I wasn’t about to let him miss out,” she wrote in a Facebook post later that morning, explaining the two rushed back home so she could prep for the father-themed event by donning a plaid shirt, fake mustache, and Rangers cap, as well as a spritz of men’s cologne.

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I’m a dad of two and I’ve missed more than a couple school functions. I’ve also been there to see disappointed kids when dad doesn’t show up for Father’s Day cookies. I love Yevette for what she did for her kid but…the outfit…horrendous. She looks like the guy you DON’T want showing up for a school event. The baseball cap, button down and pervy mustache scream “this is the guy who’s not allowed by law to pick up his son after school.”

Obviously, Yevette’s story blew up on social, and was liked over 15K on Facebook. She also made the local and national news.

“I know seeing other dads with [their] kids isn’t easy for mine but [it’s] life, at least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face,” she wrote.

She’s not only a great mom, she’s not bad to look out when she’s not dressed up like Super Mario’s pedophile half-brother, Perverto.

I’m sure the young man will have PLENTY of guys working on the invite to “Bagels With Mommy’s New Boyfriend” in the winter.

[via Newser]

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