You’re Not Imagining Things, Chart Proves iPhone Apps Take Up An Insane Amount Of Phone Space

by 9 months ago
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The size of iPhone apps has ballooned over the past few years. It’s far outpacing the worldwide morbid obesity epidemic. The fucking apps are so fat many people have to constantly delete every picture on their phone just to keep up with the updates. And you’re not going insane, these apps are in fact getting bigger and it’s not your imagination playing tricks on your, or old data on your phone taking up extra space over time.

Analysis from Sensor Tower was shared over on Business Insider in the form of charts which show just how stupidly large these apps have gotten, and how quickly this bloat accelerated:

If you’ve been following me on Twitter at @casspa, which I doubt you have been, but if you have then you’ve seen me complain at least once a month for the past 6 months about how fucking astronomically large the Facebook app updates have become. Looking at my phone right now, the Facebook app is taking up 554.1 MB, Facebook Messenger is 266 MB, Facebook Moments is a 199 MB update, and the Facebook Pages Manager (the app we occasionally use to run the BroBible Facebook Page) is clocking in at 348 MB. Today’s Twitter app update took up 203 MB but the Twitter app itself is using 1.1 GB of storage on my phone somehow. Spotify is gobbling up 4 GB, Netflix and SHO Anytime each another 1 GB…Seriously, when the fuck did these apps get so massive?

I’ve got plenty of space on my iPhone for these apps, I just think it’s disgusting that app developers are taking up so much space when plenty of iPhones out there can’t handle these storage requirements. It’s bordering on gross negligence for developers to continue pumping out larger and larger AND LARGER app updates when most people are at a bare minimum for space.

You can read the full Sensor Tower report by following that link, or here on Business Insider.

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